Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Grant Family

Meet the Grant Family

Mike, Andi, Lizzie, Amanda, Zoe, and Sebastian

I've known Andi for something like 8 years now, we work our full time jobs together, but usually we are on different shifts. Which makes talking difficult, but we make it work. Andi is a great photographer, I 2nd shoot weddings for her and I love it. We have lots of fun and I think we work well as a team. A while ago she asked if I could do family portraits for her and to be honest, I was intimidated, but when we finally picked a day and a place I set my mind to doing my best and I'm pleased with the results.
The "place" is 3J Ranch. We had originally decided on Indian River Plantation, but she got some objection from her family and I suggested one of my most favorite places. My horses lived here for a long time, Dillon for 10 years and Blue for 5. I love this place and I just knew pictures here would rock. I was right :o)

The whole gang

Mike and Sebastian

All 4 kids

Mama G and her girls





Andi said this was probably the most romantic picture they have, which makes me smile. Knowing they have a great marriage also makes me smile.

Speaking of looks on faces, check out these, just plain sweet

Well, thank you Grants for letting me photograph you, and thanks for you patience while I edited them. I know, I'm slow, especially compared to a certain someone I know. Also thanks for tromping around in the tall grass and dealing with the bugs! It was worth it.



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